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4 or 6 Piece Hardtop Kit includes: Front & Side Brackets. 

Optional - Security Torx Hardware for all 4 mount locations.


NA/NB Hardtop Solid Mount Brackets - Front and Side.

- 12 Gauge Steel

- Laser Cut

- Precision Bent

- Satin Black Powdercoat

- Replaces the OEM latches completely.

- Fits OEM Mazda Hardtops


Optional Add Ons

- Security Torx Bolts, Washers and Bits to install

- Frankenstein Delete Kit w/security torx hardware (Included in 6 piece kit)


New HRP Hardtop brackets are designed as a replacement for the OEM latches. This solid mounting solution helps reduce rattles, mounts the top tightly to the car, and discourages theft using the included security torx bolts. The side brackets are designed to not interfere with the Hard Dog Hard Core Hard Top roll bar. 


6 Piece Kit w/Hardware - $21 Savings

6 Piece Kit NO Hardware - $12 Savings

4 Piece Kit w/Hardware - $7 Savings

4 Piece Kit NO Hardware - $3 Savings

NA/NB Miata Hardtop Brackets

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